I'm Grant.

I like to build.

TypeScript connoisseur. Animation aficionado. Frontend web, mostly React and Next.js. Cross-platform mobile with React Native. Backend with Node.js and Python. Have written an SQL query or two. Can wrangle the cloud when needed.

Grant's ugly face

Background & experience

My work history. From teaching calculus, to slinging code, to leading teams.
Oct. 2023 – Present
Sr. Software Engineer @ Ramp
Full-stack web development using React and Python. Leading initiatives to streamline cardholder and admin workflows.
  • Led a team of fantastic engineers on the spend management frontend team.
  • Led the development of a new cardholder experience on web.
  • Overhauled Ramp's card transaction detail view (a core view of the product).
June 2022 – Oct 2023
VP of Engineering @ Formidable
Helping client engineering teams shine their brightest. Overseeing the development of open source software and community outreach.
  • Oversaw client projects and ensured client teams had what they needed to succeed.
  • Led client projects as an IC when needed.
  • Led the open source program at Formidable, maintaining existing projects and creating new ones based on client needs and ecosystem trends.
Nov. 2021 – June 2022
Sr. Software Engineer @ Coinbase
Full stack web and mobile on the Platform team. Built client SDKs and developer tools to help third parties integrate with Coinbase's fiat payment rails.
  • Helped bring Coinbase Pay to market, allowing partners to use Coinbase's fiat rails to on-ramp into the crypto ecosystem.
  • Development of Coinbase Pay SDKs for web and mobile.
Mar. 2021 – Nov. 2021
Sr. Software Engineer @ Formidable
Software consultant, building software and helping others build software better. Focus on front-end web and native mobile using primarily JS tooling.
  • Helped shape the foundation for Puma's global cross-platform mobile app.
  • Launched Android app for a major news organization using React Native, setting the foundation for them to later consolidate their iOS app into the same codebase.
  • Modernized a video game store's web presence, migrating to Next.js and TailwindCSS to improve performance and enable more sophisticated UI patterns.

Recent Posts

Some things I've written or tinked with lately.


Some open things I've worked on.
Victory Native screenshot
Victory Native

High-performance charting library for React Native powered by Reanimated, Skia, Gesture Handler, and D3. Check it out.

OSInt Raycast Extension screenshot
OSInt Raycast Extension

A Raycast extension for running Open Source Intelligence checks on a domain. Check it out.

Groqd screenshot

A type and runtime safe query builder for the GROQ query language. Check it out.

Clips screenshot

A screen recording app built with web technologies. Check it out.

Mandelbruh screenshot

A mandelbrot fractal generator built with raw WebGL and Svelte. Check it out.

React Native Zephyr screenshot
React Native Zephyr

TailwindCSS-inspired styling library for React Native. View the docs.

Personal PokeDex screenshot
Personal PokeDex

Pokedex site built with Next.js static site generation powered by PokeAPI CSV data. Check it out.

GifMaker screenshot

Browser-based FFMPEG video converter. Handy for turning .mov files into GIFs. Check it out.